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Birthdate:Dec 9
Location:Center of Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

can be found even in the darkness of time,...
if only one remember
to turn out the light.
So yeah, hey people! I am Audrey, currently 17 and a big fan of JE ent~ Just decided to have my own personal journal. In here. Not in Lj. Dont ask why, I just feel like it~ This journal is for me only. I made it myself. Without my lil sis knowing it ( I am such a bad sister~~ )Currently struggling to find my pasion because I love writing but seriously sucks at it! I love fashion so I took a Fashion design as my major cause my family influence.
I love-love-love-love kitten, and I hate dogs. Blame my childhood trauma. I didn’t really care if it's not near me but if it gets near me....#shrug. I am fandoming a lot. Seriously. I started fandoming since 9 years old, thanks to my great mum who loves Kat-tun a lot. She makes me into this JE fandom started with Ya ya yah, and then Arashi, and HSJ, and Kisumai, SZ,...when I realized I am being a perverted under age fan girl :/ And started to influencing my lil sis to joins me in also a young age. (So,,..bad sister~ ) My lil sis actually into K-pop world. So it was a miracle I can make her goes to the right way...(#cross fingers ) My lil sis also an underage K-pop fan thanks to my mum that really love to watch korean drama...So we don’t know whatever we should say thanks or not we found this great world of fandoming that make our time corrupted by it....:/ This journal contain random-random stuff about me, fandoms, interest, and whatever I feel like.
I didn’t post often. Even in my joint account with my lil sis. We didn’t post much either. We love to lurking another peoples journal, stalking fics, graphics, news, new releases, and stuff. We love to makes friend with people’s. Experience new things, knowing otherworldly , discuss about who they really and not just about fandoming but also about the real you!! So when adding please intro! Being friends is about to know each other deshou?? What’s the point of adding if we won’t talk or I don’t even know who’s adding me?? You won’t like it to don’t you?

My list of OTP :
♠ DaiRyu
♠ Yamajima
♠ Chitaro
♠ Takachii
♠ Inobu
♠ Okajima
♠ YabuHikka
♠ Tadaiki
♠ Yamachii
♠ Koyashige
♠ Nakame
♠ Hirosuke
♠ Shorixkaoru
♠ Tegomassu
♠ Yamabu
♠ etc~
My ichiban is Daiki and I really into him. I am into HSJ and Kisumai a lot. So my post would contain mostly about them. And maybe some graphics, and ff about them but don’t expect much yo! As I said, I am such a bad, lazy writer! Lastly, I warn you people that I am so random, so don't say that I didn’t warn first~! Ty~~
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